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About The Texas Radiological Society Foundation

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About the TRS Foundation

Although in existence for several years, the Texas Radiological Society Foundation was reactivated in 2008 to provide aid to radiology residents at The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston who were affected by Hurricane Ike. TRS members responded to the call for help, raising over $20,000 in much-needed disaster relief aid for 14 of our future colleagues.

The TRS Foundation is dedicated to carrying out the educational and charitable interests of the Texas Radiological Society. By serving the more than 4,000 radiologists in our state, the TRS works to:

  • Advance the science, education, and practice of radiology
  • Improve radiologic service to patients and the medical community
  • Foster close fellowship among radiologists
  • Address the economics of radiology, and
  • Establish and maintain high medical and ethical standards in our practice


View the TRS Foundation brochure here.

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